Friday, September 5, 2008

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Edgar said...

hi peter. thanks for coming by. thanks for posting this comment as i am very interested in adding blogger tips and tricks to our blogroll (as soon as is back on service). our fellowship is in mindanao, philippines. i am the pastor. i encourage you to attend a fellowship. take your time looking for one that you feel you fit in. see you around. you're doing a great job with your blog.

Peter said...


I WANT TO AWARD YOU the best commentator ever

BTW I am trying to categorize my readers according to country. Which country are you from? I am from Malaysia.

Babtised the only Malaysian Blog*Star
Blog*Star who unfortunately don't attend Church anymore.

BTW if I can get onto a airflight to Philippines now, I would do it yesterday or now!!!!

BTW if I can get onto a airflight to AUSTRALIA
BTW I wish I can get onto a plane now and fly to Philippines

where my sis and extended family are together with Problogger or pastor of a church in Melbourne Australia.

Got to sign off now as it is past bed time. I wish I can invent a time machine to the time when my parents or God can order me to do things

BTW do you believe in God on earth???? very important question, probably the most important question ever